The Desensitization of Young America and the Media

For generations parents have complained that the media has been improperly influencing our children. From rock and roll in the 1950s to gangsta rap in the 90s and the tv shows and movies of today, parents the nation over, have been urging the United States Government to step in and protect our children from all the exposure to things like sex, drug use, drinking and violence, claiming that all the attention recently circulating about all of it is desensitizing our children and condoning this once undesirable behavior as a normal part of an open lifestyle. Continue reading


A Fourth Estate? The Role of the News Media in Shaping Reality

The news media is often characterized as an objective and neutral “fourth estate” responsible for protecting democracy and defending the public interest. According to this view, the news media is independent of the workings of political or government agencies. Communications theorists, however, have scrutinized the news media to determine the extent to which the news actually influences the development of our beliefs and world view. Continue reading