Why Reading is Good For You – the Many Benefits of a Good Book

The following are just four examples of how reading is beneficial to everyone. There are many wonderful and amazing advantages to reading. It does not matter your age or reading level or even what you read—as long as reading is done, there are numerous rewards.

Free Fun—Reading Saves Money

Woman is reading

In this economy it is always a pleasure to find an activity for everyone to enjoy that has almost no financial cost. Of course, it costs money to purchase new books at the bookstore, but whenever money is tight going to the library is an excellent option. The library caters to all age groups and has a plethora of entertainment. There are books, comfortable chairs, and often toys to entertain small children. Going to the library is a great activity for a rainy day.

Increase Vocabulary

Reading often increases one’s vocabulary. The more one reads, the more words one learns. The trick is to read a wide variety of materials and to read at one’s reading level or higher. It is a great idea to read along with a dictionary so that one can understand the definitions of newly acquainted words. Increasing vocabulary is great for students who have to take the SAT or any other major test. It also makes for interesting conversation for other people.

Keep Away Boredom

Reading also has the benefit of being purely fun. It keeps away the boredom and passes the time away. Keeping a book or magazine in hand, while in waiting rooms can make waiting less of a chore and lets the time seem more like personal time. Reading is often seen as a passive process, but it is truly an active, engaging task as one creates real worlds and ideas in one’s imagination. It is a great idea to find books that are entertaining and educational.

Exercise Your Mind

One of the more rewarding benefits that comes with reading is that it exercises the mind. Students that read more tend to have better grades because reading is an active mental process. There is, of course, the joy of reading. Reading is a fun activity that expands one’s imagination and provides the opportunity to visit ideas one normally wouldn’t encounter. By reading more, one tends to be better able to have an open mind that is prepared to meet obstacles and find creative solutions in the real world. Reading increases creativity and provides examples to give when creating stories or when daydreaming.